Date of Birth: 10 April 1975

Current Positions


Dr Clarence Tshitereke is the Acting Director General of the Ministry in the Presidency Responsible for Women with effect from 01 November 2017. He joined the Ministry in February 2017 as Special Adviser to the Minister.


Academic Qualifications 

Dr Clarence Tshitereke holds a B.A. in Political Studies from the University of Cape Town and an M.Phil. in Political Management from the University of Stellenbosch. He is a recipient of the National Research Foundation’s Prestigious Scholarship to study abroad through which he completed a Ph.D. in International Relations and Development Studies [Cum Laude] with Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada [2004].  

His Ph.D. Thesis: “GEAR and Labour in Post-Apartheid South Africa: A Study of the Gold Mining Industry – 1987-2004,” was subsequently published as The Experience of Economic Redistribution: The Growth, Employment and Redistribution Strategy in South Africa by Routledge, London and New York [2006]. He has published on various issues in the Social Sciences. In his spare time, Clarence is an avid Chess player who also delves into poetry.


Career/Positions/Memberships/Other Activities 

Dr Clarence Tshitereke joined government in 2004 as Director International Relations and Trade in The Presidency [Policy Coordination and Advisory Service] and has worked for the erstwhile Department of Housing [Chief Director: Executive Support] and was also Chief Director: Research for the Ministry of Defence. Beyond government, he has also worked in Academia and in the Private Sector.